Friday, February 21, 2014

Hydro Flask

I received the Picaroon's branded Hydro Flask Growler for Christmas this year. 

Hydro Flask with broken capI've been extremely happy with the flask and it has performed as well as advertised. The sweet nectar-of-the-gods brew from Picaroons is kept appropriately cold (when left on the counter) or warm (when packed in a bag for a snowshoe adventure). I've actually been really surprised how well this thing insulates.

I was saddened to find, after my recent filling at the brew store, that the cap of the flask had broken. (see pic). Not a catastrophic break, and I could certainly have kept using it, but annoying none the less.

However, I remembered that the flask has a lifetime warranty.

Now, a lot of companies claim all kinds of warranties but I remembered this one specifically from when I got the flask since it had high claims. 

I submitted the warranty claim online in a simple web form. They didn't ask for any supporting evidence, I didn't need to call and talk to a support line, I don't need to send back my flask for analysis (they specifically don't want you to send it). 

Within 20 minutes I received a reply from the support line. I think it was actually a written response (given the typo), not an automated one. 

That is a quick turn around on a Friday evening!

I'll wait and see how quickly the cap is actually sent but so far I'm impressed by the responsiveness of this company. Their flasks aren't cheap but they are certainly high quality and if they back them up this well then I think they are well worth the price and deliver real value.

Cheers to the Hydro Flask folks for good service.