Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nice touch Todoist

Customer engagement letter from Todoist
Customer engagement email from Todoist
In my never ending struggle to find better ways of prioritizing and scheduling my life I came upon Todoist. The product/service seems like a pretty good todo list and task organizing software. It has some nice bells and whistles and good cross platform support. Whether or not I actually keep using the product remains to be seen (I'll post my experience on www.afloat.ca at some point in the future).

What has immediately impressed me is their customer engagement strategy. While, their general marketing, social media presence and website design are nice, that's almost a given these days. Their personal touch is what impressed me.

Soon after shelling out a meager $30 for the year's service (seems too cheap to keep trying the limited trial) I received a nice personalized message from them. Yes, this is an automated message. I know that. But, it is well timed, well written and makes me feel important as a customer.

I need to find a good way to integrate this feeling into my own business.

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