Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SiriusXM Half Price

SiriusXM price increase letter
Impending Price Increase for SiriusXM
I recently received an email from SiriusXM stating that there was a fee increase taking affect this year.

Since I do a lot of driving for work, I do enjoy the XM service. However, given that there are great podcasts available for free with similar content, and I enjoy public radio, the cost has always been a little hard to swallow.

The fee increase to $175 + tax was too much. I decided that I would cancel my service.

When I called their customer service line for the cancellation I was immediately offered a half price discount.

This type of tactic is troubling to me, as a consumer. I should not have to threaten cancellation to get a better price that is available.

The fact that they can, without skipping a beat, offer me half the cost tells me something about their fee structure. I wonder if I could have done even better if I had relented a little more?

I'd like to say that I held to my principles and continued with my cancellation but their tactic obviously worked. I'm still a customer, for another year...

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